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                             Syneron Laser Repair 

We can repair the following base units: eMax, eLight, eLaser, elos Plus, eTwo, Aurora, Galaxy, and the Comet.

We can also repair any of Syneron’s cellulite reductions systems: VelaShape I, VelaShape II, VelaShape II and the VelaSmooth

Common repairs include:

  • power supplies

  • system boards

  • circuit boards

  • cooling systems

  • touch screen repairs

  • and more!

We offer complete handpiece refurbishment for all Syneron handpieces. 

Following is a list of handpieces we repair for Syneron: 

  • AC,DS, DSL, LV, LVA, SR, SRA, SR Plus, SRA Plus, SRA mini, Refirme ST, Matrix IR, Matrix RF, Motif LHR, Motif HR, Motif IR Sublative, Sublime, WR, WRA

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