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Alma Handpiece Repair and Alma Laser Repair

We provide Alma Handpiece Repair services for all Alma IPL laser handpiece equipment. This includes all of the Harmony (Orion) non cooled handpieces.
Alma Handpiece Repairs Include: SHR, 515 Cooled, 540 Cooled, 570 Cooled, 570 Non-Cooled, 650 Cooled, 650 Non-Cooled

Contact us today for free trouble shooting for your Alma handpiece – 708-673-8276.

We also provide service and repair for the following models :
-Alma Harmony Pro & Harmony XL LASER Repair
-Alma Soprano ICE Repair
-Alma Accent Prime Repair
-Alma Hybrid Laser Repair
-Alma Pixel CO2 Laser Repair
-Alma Q laser, Alma Opus ,Alma Femilift 

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