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Candela  gentlemax pro equivalent Alex & YAG LASER equivalent SAFETY GLASSES /goggles 755/1064nm


Package includes: Laser Safety Eyewear (Laser Protection Glasses) for protection from Yag 1064 and Alexandrite 755 lasers.

These glasses are good for:

Candela Gentlemax.

Candela gentlemax pro


740 – 1100nm O.D 5+

780 - 1070nm O.D 7+


Available: 755nm, 808nm, 1064nm

Application: ND:YAG /Alex Laser protection


Package contains:

1X protective goggles

1X protective box


This item is sold by Star Medical Service .

If you need help repairing your laser contact us.

phone 7086738276

Candela gentlemax Pro Alex & YAG LASER SAFETY GLASSES /goggles 755/1064nm

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